Top Insights from Day 1 – Web Summit

My Takeaway #Insights from Day 1

Attended talks with the following:

Chris Froome – Winner of Tour de France twice in last three years
Jamie Heaslip – Ireland and Leinster rugby player and Tech investor
Curt Cronin – Former Navy Seal, Founder Mastery Technologies
Matt Higgins – Vice Chair Miami Dolphins and CEO RSE Ventures
Bill Ford – Chair of Ford Motor Company
Michael Dell – Founder and CEO Dell
Thomas Crampton – Global MD Oglivy & Mather
Shahrzad Rafati – Founder Broadband TV
Jeff Nathenson – SVP Content & Distribution @ Whistle Sports
David Gibbs – Director Digital Sky Sports
Jimmy Maymann – EVP content and consumer brands at AOL (Former Huffpost CEO)
Mike Krieger – Co-Founder Instagram

websummit 3

1.  When you are performing at the highest level change is constant to stay ahead.  Focus on lots of little things to give an overall edge. Winning and losing margin can often be small. Small things make a difference. Think hard about the small things. (Froome & Heaslip)

2.  Assemble the best team but constantly look to upgrade it to stay ahead.  Culture and Team dynamic are vital to have right to win.  Spend time thinking about them and analysing them. (Heaslip)

3.  Complacency when you are doing well is very risky.  Despite winning the 2015 Tour de France He was disappointed he didn’t win more stages. He only won one mountain stage which concerned him and is an area of focus this year.  Disappointments have been one of his biggest drivers.  He got excited about what historic failures had resulted in him changing and improving. (Froome)

4. Momentum and a winning habit are important – he will do small races to develop this before big races.  Aligning individual goals with team goals is vital to a teams success (Froome)

5.  Honesty is vital to develop a high performing and motivated team.  You have to have the “Missing Conversations”.  Have to have the environment to “Say what’s on your mind”.  Individual responsibility is key to Team’s success.  As a Navy seal, entering a room as a team, each person had a gun and a 45 degree section of the 180 degrees in front of them as there area of responsibility.    You don’t cover your piece and people die.  Everybody has to trust the other to do their job.  (Cronin)

6.   A. See it as it is

B. See it as it could be

C. Make it as you see it

A & B are a wish the beauty of successful people is they do C.  (Higgins)

7.  Don’t confuse a Hobby on Sunday for a Business on Monday (Higgins)

8.  If you want to “Go Fast” go alone if you want to “Go Far” go together (as a team).  (Higgins)

9. “The company that has the best talent wins” (Dell)

10.  If you throw yourself into challenging situations you will achieve a lot more than you ever dreamed was possible.  In developing a business you must be fearless and fix problems fast as they arise. (Dell)

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11.  Successful Social media is moving towards smaller, more private networks.  Future will involve more content but people seeing less. Pictures are a new language in communicating.  And that language is global. (Crampton)

12.  World moving towards “Deep Social” Using a publisher mindset to create great stories, experiences and meaningful conversations delivered to all current and potential customers globally. (Crampton)

13.  Partnerships are vital to long term success.  Originally Ford made everything themselves except the Tyres.  Now they make very little. (Ford)

14.  The speed of market change is always twice as quick as you think – driverless cars and connected cars being two examples.  You need to remain constantly “Curious” about the world and changes occurring to be successful (Ford)

15.  With Instagram it is all about taking the person beyond the “still” with their experience.  Use the photo to tell the story.  It took 100 yrs for one of the big U.S. Libraries to accurate and archive  1.2 million photos.  Today there are 1.2m photos uploaded on Instagram ever 20 minutes.  The challenge now is “search” – how to find what you are interested in / looking for. (Krieger)

16.  Headlines matter.  Huffpost tested headlines quickly with small group of users before posting big news stories.  It didn’t happen one evening and a post got 100k views – early the next day they changed headlines and it got 2.6m. (Maymann)

17.  With the shift in devices there is a shift in the nature of and time of the day when people are consuming information. News content is moving to video and partnerships are key for the likes of Huffpost to access sufficient levels of content.  (Maymann)

18. Netflix started as an online Video shop & pivoted.  Same content now just different form of distribution and consumption. (Maymann)

19. With Millenials – 9/12 of their celebrities are Youtubers – influencers are changing (Rafati)

20.  Some basic changes resulted in massive changes in engagement – put yourself in users shoes – figuring out what they want – takeaway sometimes the simple things implemented well can make a big difference (Krieger)