5 Lean Learnings from the 3XE Digital Conference in Croke Park

3XE Digital is a conference that delivers.

3XE Digital plays host to a diverse array of highly skilled speakers, both domestic and international who deliver laser targeted presentations on their particular niche area of expertise. Expert workshops provide attendees with an opportunity to go deeper and explore how the topics discussed can be directly applied to your business and line of work. It’s refreshing to attend a conference that treats its professional audience as experts rather than providing introductory, high-level overviews that we could find on a youtube summary video. (Yes Web Summit, we’re throwing shade at you) Now, without further adieu, here is a selection of the insights we found most striking at the conference.

1. Video is the new Black

Immersive digital video is the future of advertising. Video keeps evolving. Marketers, prepare to invest more in it. Begin recording, tweaking and uploading early before you’ve missed the boat on this. The video revolution has already begun and great marketers are excelling by trying new techniques and mediums to broadcast their brand. Be opportunistic in this window of opportunity and let your inner Spielberg out.

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2. Tick Tock – Beat the Attention Clock

Say it quick, say it well –the attention span of a modern internet consumer is shrinking year on year. Teenagers slide down their news feeds at a mind-blowing pace. There’s just so much content to absorb and too little time to process it all. If you want to win consumers you must stand out amongst this endless stream of images and videos. Be instant and be remarkable. Capture them in 5 seconds or don’t bother at all.

3. Build a Tribe for your Brand

Emotion is the most important thing in the customer experience. The Funnel no longer ends with a purchase. Instead, we must look to generate lasting bonds that enhance the relationship with our audience. Relationships build loyalty which ultimately leads to repeat purchases and positive word of mouth around your brand. Generate a level of advocacy that drives word of mouth and recommendations and your brand will prosper.

4. There are new Rules for Video

The Age of Digital video is upon us, and preferences towards video are evolving so fast. Remember when every vertical/portrait video uploaded to Facebook was followed by a unanimous groan from audiences who expected to see the traditional landscape format their TV and desktops don. People today are looking at a small device instead of those things now, and they’re looking at it vertically. Snapchats refusal to cater for landscape signaled this shift and now it’s the norm.

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Also think visual in every sense. Many browse without audio so make sure the message carries without music or a voice-over. Create stylish captions or subtitles that get everything across and deliver a message when muted.

5. Content is a Start, but it has to be Winning

Deliver a positive emotional response fast, like joy or laughter, take your viewers on a roller coaster and surprise consumers. Elicit an emotion that makes you memorable and worth listening to.

Our Thoughts on 3XE Digital

3XE Digital is refreshing. A common frustration with conferences around tech and digital is that the content only offers a surface level introduction and understanding, akin to any 5-minute introduction video on youtube. This conference is for practitioners. Rather than resorting to directionless, often fruitless ‘fireside chats’ and panel discussions, each speaker has prepared a keynote with actionable insights. We recommend it and we’ll be back for the next one.