Lost in Translation – Observations on Mainland China

I recently spent a week in mainland China with one of our Partner companies. The experience left me exhilarated, exhausted and more than a little bit concerned over the West’s position in the global economic pecking order.

Growing up in Ireland any goods that we came across that carried the label “Made in China” meant cheap, nasty and mass produced.

Hence prior to travelling I probably had an unfair view that China was fine for high volume production but couldn’t complete with highly skilled precision manufacturing in the West.  The truth I found is much more complex.

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Buy and Build – Half of all Acquisitions Fail, so why make them..?

How many things would you buy if you had a less that 50% chance of them turning out to be what you expected? So being fearful of developing your business further by acquiring is natural.   However you are not doing your business justice if you don’t consider acquisitions as a cost effective tool in your growth toolbox. I have been involved in over 25 acquisitions as principal (not just advising) over the past 15 years and here are 3 reasons why you should consider Acquiring.

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