The World is Changing Fast! Here’s 7 Crucial Insights to Conquer Digital in 2017.

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Digital is Fast, Frantic and ever-changing.

The current digital landscape provides no place to rest, no place to hide and for businesses, you either listen up or get left behind. The world of today is unforgiving to those resistant to change. We all need to perk our ears and actively seek out the digital trends of tomorrow and help our businesses secure themselves a seat in this future world in the process.

Not everything will be relevant to you, but being cognoscente and aware at the very least is something that will stand to you.

    1. Change is inevitable, your response? Embrace it via innovation! Don’t get left behind.

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      If you don’t Innovate, you evaporate
    2. Your task should you choose to accept it: produce content that people will read, share. More Fun = More Engagement.

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      The Brain will ignore Boring Content
    3. Audiences have wised up, so give them high-quality content that they can really engage with.

      Entertain, Engage and Inform. Be funny too!
    4. People are not downloading apps anymore. Integration with the core apps is a major opportunity and perhaps, a necessity.

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      Mobile Apps are not being downloaded anymore!
    5. In a digital world, people pine for the human touch. Follow up with handwritten notes and a coffee.

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      Write handwritten notes with a pencil, the human touch matters
    6. It’s not what you know. It’s what you do with what you know. Use data to learn about your customers.

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      Begin using data intelligence to succeed.
    7. Attention is everything. Without it, you’re just throwing more emails, ads, offers and content into the attention abyss.

      Attention will be the most valuable commodity.

      The key takeaways here are that change in digital represents both a necessity and an opportunity for businesses and entrepreneurs. Every business needs to go beyond awareness in developing their digital strategy, as constant learning, adaption and experimentation is required to keep up and pass out those who don’t adapt. There are winners and losers in this digital landscape. Those to move and those who get left behind. Place yourself within the former category by embracing change. As we said earlier, if you don’t innovate, you’ll evaporate. Move forward with a thirst for learning and a sense of adventure in taking on this digital world.