6 Snippets of Advice to Help You Jump-Start Your June!

Broadlake Private Equity

Why not win today! Here are 6 Snippets of Wisdom to help Jump-start June.

Every month Broadlake will post a series of quick winning tips to bring you closer to your goals, whatever they may be! We all need triggers to keep us focused and moving forward. Find words or phrases that work for you, stick them on a post-it on your computer and remind yourself each time you log-on to resume driving towards your goals. Here are 5 ways to win in May from the Broadlake team!

1, Write Down a plan

A productive day is not about getting a lot done; it is about the getting the important stuff done. Entrepreneurs, plot your goals for today and this week and find the most efficient way to achieve them.

2. Try, Fail, Learn, Repeat

The fear of failure is the greatest barrier for Entrepreneurial behaviour. The stigma of failure stops us from taking the plunge into uncertainty.

The truth is that anyone who has achieved anything great has at some point made a choice to embrace failure instead of allowing it to hold him or her back.

Failure paves our way to success and gives us permission to excel.  The key is how we respond and the only true failure is not trying at all.

3. Try taking the Road less Travelled

The Journey of an Entrepreneur is never easy, it’s full of challenges, obstacles, trials and tribulations. As an entrepreneur, you have chosen The Road Less Travelled.
It can be extremely challenging at times, business can be bruising and uncompromising, but the rewards in persevering, adapting and reaching the destination are unparalleled.

4. Act Now

What you do has far greater impact than what you say. The most effective way to do it is to simply do it. Done is better than perfect.

5. Take A Break

Entrepreneurs are often celebrated for wearing multiple hats and logging numerous hours. But working without letup is a bad habit that can jeopardise business, health and the life you’re supposedly working toward.

If you don’t give yourself the time to think and play, you’re not going to have the creativity you need to succeed.

6. Slow Down

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress.

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