6 Nuggets of Wisdom from the DMX Conference

Last week, Broadlake had the pleasure of attending this one-day event at the Aviva Stadium.

The event took place on March 14th and brought together over 30 speakers and over 900 marketing professionals attendees in a full day to explore the crossover and continued innovations in marketing, digital, design and media.

Now, without further adieu, here is a selection of the insights we found most striking at the conference.  It’s refreshing to attend a conference that caters to both its professional audience as marketing professionals and those interested in staying abreast in marketing trends and innovations. Now, without further adieu, here is a selection of the insights we found most striking at the conference.

1. Humanity First Marketing

With the explosion of data, adtech and AI – humanity and creativity in advertising brings much needed relevance and meaning to consumers.

2.  Customer experience is the next competitive battleground

It’s where business is going to be won or lost. Companies who deliver an exceptional consumer experience get higher customer satisfaction rates, decreased customer churn and enhanced revenues.

3. Understand the pains and deliver the solutions

– It’s simple: If you want to nail #customerexperience, you need to understand how your experiences make people feel. And you need to make sure that they make your customers feel good.

3.  Get rid of the demographic

Ask who they are, where they’re active, where they hang out, when they’re online, what they want from you and most importantly – what are their pains. Customer pain is your most important resource.

5. Trim the Fat -Find the Metrics that Matter

We are drowning in marketing data but many are starved of insights. Identify the metrics that matter – that deliver good, timely and consolidated information to help make better decisions.

6. Identify the Truth about What You Offer in 5 Sentences

What’s your companies elevator pitch? Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertising messages each and every second. The window of attention is dwindling. Identify who you are, what you offer and why consumers should care in 5 snappy snippets. Embed this into your communications across the board. It will articulate the message, convert more sales and isolate the real messages you need for your marketing efforts.