At Broadlake our purpose is to realise the potential of our people. And through our people we are committed to achieving positive impactful growth.

Who we are

With over 3,000 employees in 6 companies, across a mix of industries, sectors, markets, and geographies.
We are a group of like-minded people coming together to achieve something bigger than we can achieve as individuals.

What we do

We are committed. We know only one way. We give our all. There is no in between. There is no half measure. We commit all of ourselves. We commit our energy, we commit our experience, we commit our knowledge, we commit our expertise, and we commit our capital. We invest between €1-10m in established companies. We may look at 250 opportunities a year. We may choose just one. If just one is right then one is the right number to do. Because when it’s right, it’s right. And that’s time well spent.

Personal Investment

It’s all about the right business, not just any business. The right people, not just any people. Nothing else matters but working with the right people. It’s personal, and must be enjoyable.

Knowledge Sharing

We are entrepreneurs in our thinking. We bring support to build, to create, to quicken, to accelerate, to help you reach your goal. We complement your experience. We call it knowledge sharing.

Business Support

We work hard to understand your business. Without understanding, we can’t support you and run at your pace. We trust, we don’t look over your shoulder. We are there to help when you need us.

Why it works

We are different. We have varied experience, and a strong network of contacts. We have run and grown successful businesses. We have invested in and supported growing businesses.In a growing business, we all need help sometimes. More entrepreneurs than investors, we support where we can. We don’t meddle. We don’t waste time. We partner with and complement the skills and experience of the best entrepreneurs in their field. It’s all about partnership.
We have outgrown traditional private investor, private equity and venture capital models. We invest our own capital. We aren’t answerable to third-party investors one or more steps removed from your company. We have the flexibility to move fast, make quick decisions, and to be entrepreneurial in what we do. Our sole aim is to accelerate your success. This is why it works.

What we believe

“We believe in the power of alignment.”

When things are aligned it is much more likely to work. We believe we should only gain when you gain. We don’t want anything before you get anything.
There is no pecking order because when we work together we have the same goals. Not separate goals.

Where we work

“We have a common desire to help people with dreams achieve those dreams.”

Our home is your home. We have created a thinking space. An informal, collaborative, creative space. One where you and we come together. A place where we can work on your dream with you. Making our collective vision as large as possible, as quickly as possible.

Meet the team

Pete Smyth Pete Smyth

Pete Smyth

An all-round Busy Bee. Proud (and tired) father of 4. Husband of 1. Entrepreneur & Business Nut. Lover of Casual, hater of Formal. Football and Rugby coach who didn’t go missing after week one. Sporadic Gym Bunny & Lapsed Sailor. Sponge for Business Knowledge, Insights and Ideas. Dreamer with a key to both sides of the brain. Founder of Broadlake. Twitter Toddler. Big Believer in Ireland Inc. and People Power. Excited by Big Ideas bored by small details. Anti-Table Quizzes and Reality TV.

Phone: +353 1 598 9400


Brian Crowley Brian Crowley

Brian Crowley

Father of 3 amazing young men and married to the love of my life, Susan. Die-hard Clare GAA & Munster rugby fan, former boxer and intermittent gym attendee these days. Founder from 25 years old, running a million miles an hour since then and loving every millisecond of scaling, supporting and driving ambitious companies. Love working with energetic leaders with a passion for being open & honest, having vision & purpose and possessing unwavering principles.

Phone: +353 1 598 9400


Donal Garrihy Donal Garrihy

Donal Garrihy

Tom Smyth Tom Smyth

Tom Smyth

Lucky father of three daughters & husband of an amazing wife. Architect by training, curious monkey by nature, investment professional by beautiful twist of fate. All-round design geek, worshipper of minimalism, passionate about fitness, nutrition and health, with boundless energy and a pathological hatred of shaving, ties and bad coffee. Loves working with ambitious entrepreneurs and people that inspire. Hugely passionate about what we do and the fantastic people we work with.

Phone: +353 1 598 9400


Kevin MacSweeny Kevin MacSweeny

Kevin MacSweeny

A pro surfer wannabe, with a closet love of war history and wine (just short of the granddad slippers!). Once the fastest 12 year old in Cork, struck down in his prime. Moves fast and eats faster - being 1 of a family of 9. A big people person, an explorer of ideas with an entrepreneurial spirit. An avid Munster fan married to a Leinster lady (nobody’s perfect). Lucky to do what I love and love what I do.

Phone: +353 1 598 9400


Alison Weafer Alison Weafer

Alison Weafer

Eldest of 3, wife of 1. Organisation Queen. Gym Lover. Prosecco obsessed and coffee fanatic. Passionate about fitness and health. Energetic and very much a people person. Always smiling and posting on Instagram of course.

Phone: +353 1 598 9400


Andrew Murray Perrick Andrew Murray Perrick

Andrew Murray Perrick

A sporting fanatic with a life-long formula 1 dream. Occasional poker player and Love Islander wannabe. Passionate about my career and optimistic about my future. Believer in if you’re not first you’re last.

Phone: +353 1 598 9400


Our investment partners

We know entrepreneurs don’t set up their ventures to give them away. We aren’t interested in taking people's dreams or taking ownership of their visions. We invest in their vision and support them in achieving it. It’s personal. That’s why we choose our investment partners as carefully as they choose us.
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Laura Keane - Resilience

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