5 Lean Learnings from the 3XE Digital Conference in Croke Park

3XE Digital is a conference that delivers.

3XE Digital plays host to a diverse array of highly skilled speakers, both domestic and international who deliver laser targeted presentations on their particular niche area of expertise. Expert workshops provide attendees with an opportunity to go deeper and explore how the topics discussed can be directly applied to your business and line of work. It’s refreshing to attend a conference that treats its professional audience as experts rather than providing introductory, high-level overviews that we could find on a youtube summary video. (Yes Web Summit, we’re throwing shade at you) Now, without further adieu, here is a selection of the insights we found most striking at the conference.

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10 Tips for Irish Businesses to Win in 2017!

SMEs win by being faster, more innovative and flexible than their bigger competitors.

They have the ability to create the right cultures and work environments to attract great talent.  The Entrepreneurs behind them are often fearless in their endeavours, never content sitting still and always looking to improve.  Through our efforts helping Irish entrepreneurs grow their businesses we are lucky to meet hundreds of these companies every year.  These are some tips around common success factors I believe exist across the best SMEs.

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Buy and Build – Half of all Acquisitions Fail, so why make them..?

How many things would you buy if you had a less that 50% chance of them turning out to be what you expected? So being fearful of developing your business further by acquiring is natural.   However you are not doing your business justice if you don’t consider acquisitions as a cost effective tool in your growth toolbox. I have been involved in over 25 acquisitions as principal (not just advising) over the past 15 years and here are 3 reasons why you should consider Acquiring.

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